It’s 2019 and Time for a Brewery Chiller Recap

Years of Experience with Breweries

The team at J.C. Younger Company (JCY) has years of experience in many types of chillers. Since our inception in 1956, we have the educated and skilled technicians to expertly advise anyone looking to get into the brewery business when it comes to chiller needs. If you are thinking about joining other crafters of the brew, we thought we would help you find some interesting information about this industry.

Where Craft Breweries Are Located in the United States

A recent report found on Forbes, you will see where the highest percentage of craft breweries are located. As you can see, our state of Minnesota is among the top 10 states with “31%” of the breweries located right here.

Found on the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club, you can find the locations of the microbreweries by state. As for Minnesota, we have a history for being the “home to some of America’s best-kept craft brewery secrets.”

Opening Your Own Craft Brewery

There is quite a bit to consider, learn and understand to join the craft brewers around the country. As found on NerdWallet, you want to be sure to know “the cost, location and your business goals before opening your own brewery.”

How the J.C. Younger Company Can Help with the Brewery Chiller Decision

We have previous blogs that can also help you with your research regarding brewery chillers.

  1. Glycol Beer Chillers for Breweries” explains why a glycol chiller is a better choice over a water-based chiller. Your wort is cooled quicker with a smaller glycol chiller. And, “the cold temperatures provided by glycol allow the chiller to respond to temperature spikes quickly.” To further substantiate this information is found on the Brewers Association regarding “Glycol Chiller Maintenance” is also great information. As it states, it is important “to check with your manufacturer for items and procedures specific to your chillers.” That leads to our next blog.
  2. Rental Brewery Chillers for Startup Breweries” explains why you may want to consider renting your brewery chiller first. If or, “when cooling needs change, rental chillers can be added to or downsized easily.” We want to work with our customers to help them make the right decisions before they lock themselves into the wrong chiller. Rentals offer options.
  3. Calculation The Size Of Brewery Chiller For a Craft Bees Brewer’s Needs” gives you the math for chiller sizing. As we mention, “renting a chiller gives a brewer more options and assurances, such as minimal up-front investment, upgrade or downsize options, damage protection, maintenance, tax incentives and rapid response for delivery and repairs.”
  4. Brewery Chiller Maintenance is Essential” to keeping your brew continuing to flow in perfection. As mentioned above in the Brewers Association article, “regular maintenance will increase both their service life and dependability.” Check with us at JCY about our rentals and the routine maintenance that goes along with them.
  5. As our blog, “Brewery Chillers – Custom Designed and Fabricated by J.C. Younger” states, we have the expertise, knowledge, and training to “custom design and fabricate exactly the brewing chiller that works for your beer brewing process.” Whether indoors or outdoors, we can build it with quality parts without any specialty parts.

What J.C. Younger Offers Beyond Great Brewery Chillers

We have customers all across America, and it is the trust we build with our customers that is also important to the JCY team. Our customers learn they have our JCY Advantagebehind them when they become our customer. Learn more about our rental program that will help you learn more before you make a big investment.

When you become a JCY customer, whether you rent or purchase, you have our 24/7 customer support commitment. When you are ready to purchase a chiller from the JCY team, we have our Financing options with one just for breweries.

We are always excited to hear from our customers, old and new. Call any time with your concerns, questions or chiller needs. We are here.


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