J.C. Younger Continues to Grow to Meet Industry Demands

J.C Younger (JCY) specializes in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers for many different industrial applications. Our team of highly-trained technicians keeps up with those industries needing chillers needing temperature control. Hydroponics and cannabis cultivation are both growing industries. Water chillers are now seen as a good investment for these industries.

Strengthens Roots for Improved Plant Growth

Understanding the benefits of using a water chiller for hydroponics can be found on Maximum Yield, “The Benefits of Adding a Water Chiller to Your Hydroponics System” by Cedillo, I. (2017, June 5). This article addresses the importance of keeping the roots at optimal temperatures. For continuous temperature control, a water chiller can offer this important element in hydroponic gardening.

  • A positive benefit with the use of a water chiller is that of obtaining “high levels of dissolved oxygen” that ultimately allow the root to become stronger to hold off plant disease. With a stronger root system, plants have a better environment to flourish.
  • Cedillo points out the size of the water chiller and parts used in the building are important to the necessary efficiency for this industry.
    • The JCY team has the knowledge and the expertise to help you better understand chiller sizing and the importance of high-quality components to build dependable chillers.
  • Pros and cons are reviewed for you.
    • Let the JCY team review all of these with you to help you better understand what our custom designed and built chillers can do for your business.

Additional Benefits from Water Chillers

Another informative article is found on CannaCon. “What is Hydronic Cooling and Why Should I Care?” by Daly, C., Surna, Inc. (2018, January 21) reviews the importance of creating the best environment for plants to grow. By using water chillers, you can achieve an ideal temperature with other benefits.

  • Cost-saving energy is a benefit with a chiller system that only turns on when cooling is necessary. Condensation can also be collected and reused for necessary irrigation adding to water saving expense.
  • The ability to distribute equal cooling to all plants is another benefit from utilizing a water cooler.
  • A “bank of chillers,” can be customized to keep continual cooling throughout the operation if one chiller fails.
  • Using a water chiller system allows you to grow your plants in sealed, individual areas allowing for more control over disease or pest. It is easier to keep different crops free from crossover pest and disease issues.

J.C. Younger’s Water Chillers: Dependable and User-Friendly

Our team has years of training, knowledge and experience manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers, both air-cooled and water-cooled. J.C. Younger offers chillers for sale and for rental anywhere in the United States. We are proud to offer customer-driven benefits to everyone.

  • While we custom-design the perfectly-sized, water chiller, we also offer a specially-priced rental to use until we have your chiller ready for use.
  • When you select J.C. Younger as your chiller supplier, you get a host of advantages that come with every chiller sale or rental.
  • When you need financial help, we have partnered with financial institutions to offer financial assistance.
  • We build user-friendly chillers as part of our commitment to customer service. We know all the parts and components that go into our chillers. Many times we can guide you to fix a problem over the phone.
  • Another important customer service feature is our 24/7 customer support. A technician is always on call to make sure our customers can reach us when they incur a chiller issue.
  • We have a network that spans across the United States to get a technician to you as soon as possible when phone troubleshooting doesn’t solve an issue.

J.C. Younger is the company you want to call when you’re looking for a water chiller for hydroponics and the cannabis cultivation process. Our excitement is building the best chillers and being known for building the best chillers. We’re excited to hear from you.


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