JC Younger Industrial Chiller Rental Packages Give You Worry-Free Flexibility

Last updated on February 28th, 2022 at 12:53 am

J.C. Younger Company (JCY) has over 60 years of experience in the industrial chiller manufacturing, remanufacturing, and rentals industry. We are an ETL- UL 1995 listed manufacturer, and we are proud to offer products made in the U.S.A.

Industrial chillers offer cooling technology to help many industries productively operate by “lowering existing temperatures of various production processes, components, and machine.” RL Media offers an informative write-up, “Uses and Benefits of an Industrial Chiller Equipment,” by Creamer, G. (2018, February 16). The author recaps how different industries use industrial chillers and the benefits arrived from using them. Without the use of chillers, many companies would not be able to run efficiently with maximum productivity.

Our rental chillers offer great benefits to our customers when you’re in the market for a temporary solution for a start-up operation, replace an old unit or your business is expanding.

  1. Flexibility to change out units to adjust for cooling need.
    • JCY will help you determine size from the information we gather from you.
  2. Routine maintenance is included.
  3. Maintenance for wear and tear damage is included.
  4. Possible tax write-off may be available up to 100%.
  5. We quickly respond to any critical need.
  6. Our rental charges are a fraction of our competitors.
  7. Installation hoses are supplied for immediate connection.
  8. We have transformers for customers who need to adjust for voltage requirements.

Routine maintenance of industrial chillers is imperative to operating these large cooling systems for optimum performance. If you want to calculate the operating and maintenance(O&M) costs, we have cited an article that will give you every aspect to consider.

Found on Commercial Energy Systems, “Compare-O&M Costs-Chillers” runs down multiple areas for evaluation of costs of annual maintenance.

  • Knowledge of current electric and gas rates are imperative, and averaging these costs are not recommended.
  • Personnel costs may have to be included due to “building codes” or other operating factors.
  • Tube replacement varies between types of chillers.
  • Add maintenance expense for engine-driven chillers.
  • Natural gas-driven chillers have costly maintenance due to multiple factors.
  • Preventive maintenance should be performed by only qualified, trained technicians who retain up-to-date, educational training.

Chiller wear and tear can cause chiller failure, but routine maintenance is imperative to help avoid chiller failure. Found on The News, “Contractor Tips for Chiller Maintenance” by Schwartz, K. (2013, May 13) reviews reasons for chiller failure.

  • Oil can be an issue.
    • Too much or not enough
    • Oil not changed
  • Oversizing of the chiller for the load needed.
  • Routine maintenance not performed.
    • Routine tube cleanings with “noncondensables in the system”
    • Dirty condensers
  • “Refrigerant Leaks”
  • “Condenser-fan motor failure”
  • “Electrical components”

Chiller Rentals from J.C. Younger Company are the best solutions for any temporary chiller needs. Let us handle the maintenance and any possible chiller failures. We have the expert technicians with 24/7 availability. We will ship anywhere in the country.

We have a great selection of rental chillers: handers, cooling towers, air conditioners for spot cooling, and a variety of “packaged” chillers to meet the needs of multiple industries.

  • Breweries
  • Bakeries
  • Beef Processing
  • Dairy Farms
  • Poultry Processing
  • Research & Development
  • Oil Extraction and Dewaxing & Winterization & Purifying

Rental Shipping

Our rental chillers are ready to be shipped to accommodate chiller your cooling needs. We like to handle the shipping arrangements with a local shipping partner that has years of experience with our company. As with any major shipment of industrial equipment, we ask that you immediately inspect for any shipping damage especially if shipping is handled via a different vendor than the one we have trusted for years. We have a detailed process to follow under our FAQS page.

J.C. Younger Company is your expert to solve all of your chiller needs. It is always our honor to partner with your organization. Contact us and we will take care of you.


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