J.C. Younger Offers Short and Long Term Project Cooling


J.C. Younger Has Chiller Solutions for Any Project

The team at J.C. Younger (JCY) understands the various needs for chillers. Not every company needs a chiller year-round, and we make it easy to get what you need when you need it. A great feature of J.C. Younger is that we ship nationwide. There are a host of reasons you may want to go with a short or long term rental from the team at JCY in place of purchasing your first chiller or an additional one.

Reasons for Short or Long Term Cooling Rentals

  1. Additional cooling may be needed during the hot, summer months.
  2. Construction companies may only need chillers for certain projects.
  3. Chiller system is down for repairs without a warranty or maintenance plan established.
  4. Planned maintenance downtime of the permanent cooling system with a temporary cooling system needed.
  5. Planned events may need a temporary cooling system.
  6. It may be more cost effective to rent and expense to a particular budget.
  7. You need to see what you need in a permanent chiller system.

Renting Before Purchasing Can Help with Decisions

Renting can be very beneficial prior to purchasing a chiller system.

  1. You can “try it on for size.” Sometimes deciding the appropriate size isn’t as easy as you think. We are very knowledgeable about chiller sizing, and we can help you with that process.
    1. If we do need to change out the size, renting allows that opportunity.
  2. Will the future capacity require a bigger size?
    1. Renting allows you to upgrade to a bigger chiller system.
  3. Does your application require a customized system?
  4. How will you set up for maintenance and repairs?
  5. What is the warranty offered on a new chiller system?
  6. How hard will it be to get replacement components and parts?

Benefits when You Partner with J.C. Younger

Why spend the money on a chiller system, if you’re not going to be using it full-time? It is more cost effective to go with a JCY contract to have what you need when you need it.

  1. JCY has set costs for their short and long-term project cooling units.
  2. Repairs and maintenance costs are included in the price.
  3. If a unit needs to be replaced, we get you the replacement.
    1. You may determine you want to upgrade.
    2. Operator error has caused a significant disruption in the system.
  4. We guarantee rapid service for our units under contract.
    1. We have 24/7 customer support.
    2. Many issues can be handled over-the-phone because we know every part of our chillers. Our chillers are built in-house by the highly-trained technicians.
    3. We have a nationwide network of skilled technicians that will do on-site repairs and maintenance.
  5. We have a shipper who has been dedicated to safely delivering our chillers all of the country.

JCY is Committed to Deliver the Best Customer Service

Since 1956, the J.C. Younger team has worked towards a reputation of excellence for manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers. Our highly-skilled team of technicians is very confident and thorough when building chillers. Every staff member is dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the country. When you partner with the team at JCY, you get our JCY Advantage.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we have a 40,000 square foot operation. Our team works with an array of industries to meet the needs of numerous applications. No matter your application, let our team know when you are in need of a dependable and efficient, temporary chiller. When you’re not quite sure, we will gather the information we need to help you make the right decision. We appreciate our established customers, and we are ready to partner with new customers. Call us with any questions. We are always here to help.


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