J.C. Younger Understands Chemical Chiller Challenges

J. C. Younger realizes the challenges that many industries have with temperature control, and chemical processing is a very complicated application that requires extreme precautions. We have made it our business to deliver the most reliable and user-friendly industrial chillers in the market. Before you purchase any catalog chiller, call us for an in-depth review of our products and service that offers your organization the highest quality guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that are important to maintain your cooling system for chemical processing. Found on Chemical Processing, “Conquer Cooling Water Treatment Challenges” by Buecker, B., Kiewit Engineering Group, Inc., and Post, R.M., ChemTreat (2017, May 23) reviews the “advances in technology can help forestall fouling, scaling and corrosion in cooling systems.”

Buecker and Post explain that chiller system technology has advanced to meet the compliance “regulations regarding discharge and choice of makeup water supplies.” By undertaking the proper steps, chemical plants have better capabilities to combat “fouling, scaling, and corrosion.”

Another two great references found in Chemical Processing is a two-part series on how to better understand your chiller fluids and maintaining efficient operation. These are great sources to use to build your list of questions for us.

By working with J.C. Younger, you have our expertise and knowledge to help custom design the most efficiently built, industrial chiller for your chemical application. We take the information you supply to build exactly what your processes demand. If you’re new to chemical processing industry, we have over thirty years working with industrial chillers to help you get the product your application requires. You have advantages when you partner with us.

Rent before Purchase

Many clients are not sure of the size chiller they may need. Once we review your needs, we will help you decide on the perfect size. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to rent a chiller unit from us to fully realize exactly the size your application requires that will also be beneficial for the future. When you rent from us, changing out sizes is part of the flexibility we offer that helps you know what size best works for your business. Ask us about all the great advantages of renting a unit from us. While we’re busy building your custom designed unit, our rentals are available at significantly reduced rental rates.

Education and Support

We will teach you everything you need to know about the chiller that we will custom design for your chemical application. When you need support, we are here for you 24 hours every day of the week. Our technicians will troubleshoot over the phone, and when necessary, we will have a certified technician on sight as soon as possible from our extensive network of dealers across the United States.

Benefits of J.C. Younger Chillers

Since we specialize in manufacturing and re-manufacturing of industrial chillers, we make our units user-friendly. Our chillers have simplicity in mind, but they are the most dependable and reliable cooling systems you will find. You don’t have to worry about the components being specialized or OEM products. We also offer all of our components are wholesale prices. When you partner with us, you are using products made right here in the U.S.A.

You don’t have to worry about shipping because we have a long-time partner who knows the importance of damage-free delivery. We have also partnered with leading financial organizations to help you with financing when you need monetary assistance.

J.C. Younger is always ready to help your organization with your cooling system needs. Call us, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. It is our business to be the most educated team in the industry, and we will make sure you get the best industrial chiller for your chemical application.


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