JC Younger Can Design the Perfect Dewaxing Chiller For All Your Needs

When it comes to commercial chillers, one size most definitely does not fit all. Sure, you can purchase a chiller “off the shelf” and keep your fingers crossed that it gets the job done, but why take that chance?

As you already know, using a chiller for dewaxing is the most efficient method available. This process removes more impurities and odors than you would see with distillation alone.

JC Younger creates chillers based specifically on the needs of our customers. Our expert staff will meet with you and get as much information as possible so that we can create a commercial chiller that is customized for you and only you.

What Kind of Information Do We Need?

We will ask questions like:

Where will your chiller be located, inside or outside?

If inside, what size is the room where it will be housed?

What solvents/chemicals are you dewaxing?

What is the average ambient temperature of the room?

Is there other equipment in this area and what type?

We will need to determine how much heat this other equipment will generate to find out if it will affect the chiller.

Does your process require a heater?

What voltage do you currently have in place and will it handle the power needs of the chiller?

What is your budget for chiller and future maintenance?


Our consultants can help you create innovative solutions to issues associated with the chillers to ensure increased efficiency, dependability, and ensure your company’s ongoing success. We will work with you to devise a plan in the event your goals include expanding in the future and we can make certain your equipment can meet the needs of that increased volume.

If your current electrical voltage capacity is insufficient to handle the chiller, we have transformers available for purchase or rental. This way, you can get started quickly without having to worry about upgrading your current service. You can take time to plan for that at a later date or just use the transformer as a permanent solution.


Because our chillers are custom made, it may take some time to build your particular unit. Many of our customers want to be up and running yesterday and we completely understand. That is why we offer rental chillers so that you can do just that. You can rent a chiller during the time you are waiting for your unit to be completed.

We have financing available and we do everything possible to stay within your budget and address all your concerns about future costs and maintenance.


If you ever have a question or problem with your JCY equipment, we have staff available to handle your calls. (Fee’s may apply). No one understands better than JC Younger how important it is to keep everything moving and how downtime can impact a business.

Our units do not require any specialized (OEM) parts and all of our components are available to our customers at wholesale prices.

We like to always remind our customers to never use automotive antifreeze to replenish your glycol-based system. That version of glycol contains silicone and using it over time can impact equipment negatively. All replenishment solvents are available for purchase through us and we have a variety of options available.

Check out all of the products we have available and the wide range of chillers we have for just about every process. Then give us a call and we can answer any additional questions you may have and help you with your new purchase.


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