Keep Your Chiller System Efficiently Operating

J.C. Younger, The Manufacturers of Maintenance-Friendly Chillers

Since 1956, the team at J.C. Younger (JCY) has been manufacturing and remanufacturing light commercial and industrial package chillers for every temperature-controlled application. All of our chillers, rentals and sales, are built to be customer-friendly. Not only do we build our chillers to be operationally-friendly, but we also build our chillers to be maintenance-friendly.

Set Up a Plan for Monitoring and Maintenance

It is vital that your chiller system is consistently monitored and regularly maintained. It takes planning to set up a schedule for annual maintenance.

  • Select the time of year that will be least disruptive to your operation to set for preventive maintenance (PM).
  • Plan for system shut down with a temporary solution.
  • Keep your daily logs to alert you on possible problems.

What Should be Monitored Daily?

Daily monitoring is critical to keeping your chiller system working without worries. Not addressing minor problems may result in serious results that may lead to expensive repairs. A thorough checklist will guide you for your daily monitoring.

A good reference, Goodway Technologies Corporation, is an informative resource that may help you keep your chiller system efficiently running while pointing out the importance of chiller monitoring and maintenance. As reported, “chiller problems tend to develop slowly, and the daily tracking of key operating parameters will alert you to problems before they get out of hand.”

Again, our list we cited in an earlier blog gives you a good idea of where common problems begin. Be aware of any unusual sounds or vibrations, and be sure parts have not vibrated loose. Always quickly address any alert codes.

  • Daily Log
  • Tube Corrosion
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Water Treatment
  • Analyze Refrigerant and Oil
  • Cooling Tower Checks (if applicable)

What is Done During Preventive Maintenance?

As the Goodway article mentions, your annual PM will include review of the daily logs looking for any inconsistencies that may signal an area of concern. Depending on the age of your chiller system, it may be a good idea to set bi-annual PMs. Any monies you spend on preventive maintenance will be a much lower expense than unexpected downtime.

  • Tube cleaning may even be needed more than once per year.
  • The compressor, evaporator, and condenser are thoroughly checked and cleaned where applicable.
    • That includes fans, pumps, motors, and electrical wiring.
  • Tests are done to check for fluid leaks and water quality.
    • That includes oil, refrigerant and water.
  • Glycol mixture, when applicable, is checked.

The Advantages of J.C. Younger Chiller Systems

At J.C. Younger, we take great pride in the service and support we deliver to our customers that keep our chillers efficiently operating. When you purchase a JCY chiller system, we offer exceptional preventive maintenance packages.

We will help you understand how to keep your JCY chiller system maintained between regular PMs. Whenever you have a concern, you can talk with a JCY technician 24/7, 365 days per year. We know that downtime is lost money.

With our rentals, preventive maintenance is included, and we work with you to be sure it’s done, no matter where in the United States. We have a network of highly-skilled technicians that work all across the country.

At J.C. Younger, our goal is to deliver the best, user-friendly, chiller systems, and offer the best in customer service and support.

  • We have the skill and space to build chillers systems for a multitude of industry applications.
  • Our customers know we stand behind our chillers with our JCY Advantages.
  • We custom-build or custom-design our chiller units to specific application requirements.
  • Only quality parts and components are used in a JCY chiller.
  • We have an inventory of rental units that can be quickly customized for a speedy delivery.
  • Our dedicated shipper takes care of our chillers all the way to you.
  • The JCY warranty is one of the best in the industry.
  • We have set up financing options that help our customers own a quality-built JCY chiller.

Call the JCY team, and learn more about our dedicated team and operation. We’re hereand ready to work with you.


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