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J.C Younger Company has been a trusted name in the industry for over 50 years because they never compromise on quality, pricing transparency, or customer service!

You can always count on JCY when you need high-quality process equipment at competitive prices – whether it’s in the Midwest region or across North America!


glycol chiller rental and sales

Benefits of Working With JC Younger Industrial Chiller Company

JCY offers a wide range of services to help our customers find new ways for growing, making money and saving it. We know that selling industrial chillers is an essential part in what we do, but we also understand the benefits of renting a brewery chiller when you need something quickly or on short notice!

JCY is a glycol chiller brewery company with many different services like glycol chiller installation that can help you in your business endeavors. We offer the best glycol beer chillers and our staff will do what they need to do to deliver results for your brewery chiller system. We like to get paid for providing quality equipment and service, but even more important than money or time: we like to provide you peace of mind!

We are known for our fast delivery on glycol beer line chillers, and for providing glycol chillers for microbreweries. Our team will quickly provide solutions and professionally handle all of your chiller issues.

Keeping a machine long-term as a renter means maintenance issues will arise. To save a waterjet machine well-maintained and in optimal condition. Fortunately, J.C. Younger specializes in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers found in many industrial applications.

Energy-Efficient Industrial Chiller Rentals

When it comes to industrial chillers, there is no better company than JC Younger. With our rental equipment packages and expert chiller consulting you can keep your industry process running smoothly without any worries! Whether you need a cooling tower, water-cooled chiller, brite tanks, or process chillers to help you remove heat. JC Younger has chillers that work and the accessories to go with them.

The medical industry might seem like an unlikely choice for those looking into using this type of machine-but don’t let that deter you from checking out all the great benefits they offer customers in other fields too: pharmaceuticals (like drugs), food & beverage products such as bakeries/breweries etc.; beef processing plants that produce meat products like sausages -to name just some major industries relying on these rental solutions forged by innovation over time so yours doesn’t have to be risky if It hasn’t been serviced in a while.

Whether you’re a small- or large-scale business, JC Younger’s Industrial Chiller Rentals are perfect for your needs. We offer chillers that can be custom fit to any industry and process!

Chillers for the Construction Industry

At J.C Younger, we believe that maintaining the proper temperature at a construction site is vital for getting more work done and employees can optimize their jobs due to efficient temperatures! The safety features offered by our company ensure all workers are comfortable during any job they may have on-site with us as well.

We have been supplying Glycol chillers and industrial chillers for over 15 years to the construction, civil engineering, and building industries. If a construction site’s temperature is not kept at optimal levels, then workers can’t get their job done and employees are impacted. JCY can help you maintain safety standards for all those involved in the project by providing efficient heating systems that maintain proper working conditions with controlled temperatures.


glycol chiller rental and sales

Five Questions For Metal Forming Using Waterjet Chillers

Once you connect with JCY, we will help your business find new ways to grow, make money, and save money.

J.C. Younger specializes in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers found in many industrial applications. Before you purchase a waterjet chiller to use in your metal forming shop, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much floor space will your industrial chiller need for installation?
  2. What must the outlet water temperature be?
  3. What temperature must you need to cool the components of your system?
  4. What cooling ability will you need in tons or kW?
  5. What must temperature tolerances be?

What is Glycol used for?

You can find glycol in a variety of places. For example, it is used to make low freezing explosives and brake fluid – which helps stop your car from skidding on ice-covered roads during wintertime by slowing down how quickly they turn; keeping CBD cool without having any added sugars. Finally, breweries use this valuable commodity because its properties allow them to make their beer colder than nature!

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene glycol is often used in place of Ethylene Glycol because it does not have the toxic qualities that make up for its similarities to ethylene. It also provides food-grade properties, making this chemical safe enough for kitchen use and industrial application alike!


We’re here to help businesses of all sizes with their industrial chiller needs. Our team members work hard each day, so don’t hesitate to contact us today at sandy@jcyounger .com or stop by our shop in Saint Louis Park, MN!

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Sam graduated from Dunwoody College with a degree in HVAC Service, and started out working in the resident side of work. After many years in the residential side of work, Sam took a chance back in 2018 to work in the commercial side of hvac with Jc younger. Since started working with them, Sam has been streamlining Jc younger to make the service side quicker at getting customer back to cooling right away. He always puts the customer needs first, giving them great customer service, and getting them back cooling right away. When Sam is not at work he enjoys hitting up breweries around the area, going up to the cabin, and doing remodeling projects. He also enjoys going out to lake of the woods for some good walleye fishing.In his free time he enjoys taking his grandmother out for meals, fishing and spending time with girlfriend and dog Sara.



Sandy has been in the background of JCY since a baby, growing up playing on chiller systems in the large 12,000SQFT pole shed JCY stores units in. Sandy started working at a young age doing simple tasks like sweeping, painting, organizing Copper fittings and other small tasks. In 2005 Sandy started his 4 year degree at Dunwoody College and graduated in 2007.

During his schooling their he also started his apprenticeship under his fathers supervision. The training consisted of installs of glycol piping in the field, building first chiller and assisting with Chiller service repairs. In 2006 he started learning the in and outs of breweries, and has been JCY’s brewery specialist since then. A challenge he took on was glycol piping a 30 bbl brewery by him self and completed that task in less than 20 day with 16 hour shifts.
In his free time he enjoys taking his grandmother out for meals, fishing and spending time with girlfriend and dog Sara.