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Industries, such as metal forming have made great strides in adopting sustainability projects that focus on reducing the volume of water consumed and the energy costs associated with the water chilling system. Metal-forming plants are known for using copious amounts of water throughout their processes. Many of these plants have massive water chillers for the waterjets used in metal forming –a product-quenching system that requires cooling year-round.

The key to keeping any machine running efficiently long term is maintenance. Waterjet machines must be well-maintained and in exceptional operating conditions for optimum performance. Units now come with maintenance management software, making the process proactive vs. reactive; the software monitors waterjet components for wear and alerts machine operators when preventive maintenance is needed, helping shops minimize or eliminate downtime.

Even the most sophisticated machines depend heavily on the simplest preventative maintenance tasks, i.e., wiping away dust, applying lubrication to rails. These can make the difference between a worry-free operation or a costly failure.

One checkpoint often overlooked is the waterjet chiller maintenance. As in most machines with large drive motors, water jets draw vast amounts of water, requiring the water-cooling system to sustain the water temperature, using a voluminous amount of electricity to run the chillers.

Ask yourself these questions before buying waterjet chillers for your metal forming shop:

  • How many different temperatures will I need to cool the various components of the waterjet cutting system properly?
  • How much cooling ability do I need in either tons or kW?
  • How much floor space will I need for installation?
  • What does the outlet water temperature need to be?
  • What temperature tolerances must I meet?

Waterjet Chillers

Waterjet Chillers come in all sizes. Your metal forming machinery that requires liquid cooling would include a chiller unit appropriately sized to handle the heat the equipment generates. The most common chiller setup is a dedicated chiller unit on each unit.

J.C. Younger (JCY) specializes in manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers for many different industrial applications. Our teams of highly trained technicians stay updated on those industries needing chillers with temperature control.

When choosing J.C. Younger, worrying about your cooler’s performance becomes obsolete; if the industrial chiller from JCY gives you any problems, we cover all mechanical breakdowns. JCY performs all repairs resulting from normal wear and tear.

Another benefit of choosing an industrial chiller rental for J.C. Younger is that you don’t have to keep the rental unit for a specific length of time. And, if your shop is growing, you may decide to buy one of our waterjet chillers vs. rental.

Waterjet chiller maintenance should occur at regular intervals, with most cooling systems recommending cleaning, flushing, and replacing water and additives every six to12 months. Maintenance that is not performed as recommended shaves useful life from the chillers.

When you need waterjet chillers for your metal forming shop, talk to the experts at J.C. Younger. Our custom waterjet chiller designs are efficient, and our engineering is best-in-class, while our service and support are second-to-none. We offer fast response times and have the best delivery times in the business.

J.C. Younger offers solutions for all types of liquid cooling. We welcome new opportunities and are always anxious to develop cost-effective solutions to new fluid cooling challenges. The team at J.C. Younger will meet and exceed your industrial chiller expectations.  Please visit our website to check out our chillers, request a quote, review specs, services, and warranty. Or call us today and speak to one of our technicians about your waterjet chiller needs and let us design the perfect chiller for your metal-forming shop.


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