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The Benefits of JC Younger Glycol Chillers for Breweries and Distilleries

JC Younger has been a leading supplier of glycol chillers for breweries, distilleries, and wineries for many years. With our years of experience in the industry, you can be assured that your brewery will be able to produce high-quality beverages while relying on our glycol chillers for consistent results.

Our glycol chillers are designed specifically for breweries, distilleries, and wineries, so you can be sure that they will meet all your beverage production needs. We also offer flexible rental agreements and a built-in maintenance package to make it easy for you to get the most out of your JC Younger glycol chiller.

What are JC Younger Company Glycol Chillers and What Do They Do?

JC Younger’s glycol chillers, also known as glycol cooling systems, are essentially heat exchangers that use a chemical mixture called chilled liquid to remove heat from your process. JC Younger began manufacturing these units in the 1950s, they quickly became widespread in industries that required precise control of temperatures and constant cooling, such as breweries and distilleries.

Why do I need a JC Younger glycol brewery chiller?

JC Younger’s glycol chillers can achieve an impressive range of flow capacities and temperatures to meet the needs of your beverage facility’s process. Unlike air-cooled chillers, JC Younger’s engineered glycol is 100% customizable using no OEM parts.

We rebuild our brewery chillers this way to ensure the highest ease of use and prevent any difficulties when maintenance is required on your chiller unit. This ensures the highest level of ease after you receive it into your beverage production facility. Our team will work closely with you to determine the best commercial glycol chiller for your beverage production needs.

The Benefits of JCY Glycol Chillers for Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries

Microbreweries and microdistilleries deal with fluctuating loads, and that puts unique demands on their chillers. JC Younger understands this. We have been helping small beverage companies across America with their chiller needs for decades now. Because of this, we have developed a unique rental process designed for growing microbreweries, distilleries, and wineries.

Flexible Rental Agreements

Renting a beer chiller allows you to meet changing demands by using it only when you are ready. It also means that you don’t have to make a big up-front investment in your chiller while still meeting your brewery needs. JC Younger can provide you with a glycol chiller that is designed for your business, whether it is a couple of weeks, a couple of months, or multiple years.

While renting from JC Younger, you can change the type or size of chiller that you are renting. Chiller rental allows for your business to always have the right type of industrial chiller while not having to worry about buying a new one. Talk about cost savings!

Owner-Friendly Design (No OEM Parts)

Microbrewers rely on their chillers working correctly with minimal fuss all the time, so all our industrial chillers are made with non-specialized parts. There are absolutely no OEM parts or microprocessors used in our rebuilt glycol chillers, but still all of the parts inside meet ETL and UL-1995 standards.

JC Younger Industrial Chillers produces chillers that can often be fixed with a quick call to our customer service line. Our friendly technicians are always available to come out to your facility and quickly fix anything that a phone call doesn’t resolve.

Built-In Maintenance Package

We understand that microbrewers aren’t in the machine care business, you’re in the beverage industry! That is why JC Younger always provides a maintenance package with our rental chillers. We keep your machine in good order for you, just give us a call to get started.

Customized Glycol Industrial Chillers

Microbreweries don’t normally need behemoth chillers but they do need propylene glycol beer chillers, and your particular business requires accessories unique to your process. You might need to put your cooling tower outside, or you might need a more compact, water-cooled chiller. JC Younger has a beverage specialist on hand who can help you get the right glycol beer line chiller that fits your business’s needs. We offer glycol chiller installation and can help consult on your brewery chiller sizing no matter what type of brewery chiller system you need!

Family Owned Since 1956 

JC Younger has been in the industry for over 60 years, and we have helped hundreds of breweries throughout our time supplying them with glycol chillers. With JC Younger’s experience as a reliable supplier and as an integral part of the industry, you can be assured that your brewery will be able to produce high-quality beverages while relying on our glycol chillers for consistent results.

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Sam graduated from Dunwoody College with a degree in HVAC Service, and started out working in the resident side of work. After many years in the residential side of work, Sam took a chance back in 2018 to work in the commercial side of hvac with Jc younger. Since started working with them, Sam has been streamlining Jc younger to make the service side quicker at getting customer back to cooling right away. He always puts the customer needs first, giving them great customer service, and getting them back cooling right away. When Sam is not at work he enjoys hitting up breweries around the area, going up to the cabin, and doing remodeling projects. He also enjoys going out to lake of the woods for some good walleye fishing.In his free time he enjoys taking his grandmother out for meals, fishing and spending time with girlfriend and dog Sara.



Sandy has been in the background of JCY since a baby, growing up playing on chiller systems in the large 12,000SQFT pole shed JCY stores units in. Sandy started working at a young age doing simple tasks like sweeping, painting, organizing Copper fittings and other small tasks. In 2005 Sandy started his 4 year degree at Dunwoody College and graduated in 2007.

During his schooling their he also started his apprenticeship under his fathers supervision. The training consisted of installs of glycol piping in the field, building first chiller and assisting with Chiller service repairs. In 2006 he started learning the in and outs of breweries, and has been JCY’s brewery specialist since then. A challenge he took on was glycol piping a 30 bbl brewery by him self and completed that task in less than 20 day with 16 hour shifts.
In his free time he enjoys taking his grandmother out for meals, fishing and spending time with girlfriend and dog Sara.