Mid-Temperature Chiller Rentals & Sales For Cannabis Industry

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Controlling Temperature Is Critical

Entering the extraction industry can feel daunting. There are a lot of new terms and processes to learn, and there are a lot of chemical reactions to master. Things get even more complicated as your business grows, producing more product, perhaps more lines of products, and establishing your name with the customer base.

Fortunately, one of the most important aspects to learn is the temperatures that you need to get your product to. JC Younger can help you with mid-temperature cooling.

The other part of the process is removing for example the Alcohol (or other solvents) from the oil by using heat in a vacuum state and recapturing solvent for next usage by boiling out solvent and condensing the solvent after heated. This process only need a system with supplies medium temperature cooling (25F-80F glycol).

Your product is affected by temperature all the time. For instance, the two types of winterization, static and continuous, get their key differences from the temperatures used. See, the fatty contaminants in crude extracted oil have to be turned into a solid state in order to remove them from the final product, and the continuous method of winterization does this by using a chiller to get the wax to -10 to -40 degrees F for a period of time. This very low temperature, with the continual motion involved, increases the terpenes that remain in your product, increasing flavor.

De-waxing also requires sub-zero temperatures that take place in a chiller that is attached to a closed-loop extractor. Other processes require slightly warmer temperatures. Getting the temperatures wrong can lead to:

1. Solvents, such as butane or ethanol, staying in your end product.

2. Losing flavors from terpenoids evaporating away.

3. Losing active ingredients from your products.

It is also wise to store your products in chillers once they are ready to sell and until you ship them out. Keeping them at the right, cool, temperatures, keeps them fresh and the THC-A and CBD-A inactive. It will prolong the shelf-life, which avoids wasted product from when you had a superabundant harvest but not enough buyers.

JC Younger Understands And Can Make A Chiller For You

We have been customizing chillers for all industries since 1956, so we were prepared to meet the needs of the cannabis industry from the moment it started to grow. There are many ways that we can meet your needs.

1. We customize our machines to the business requirements, whether that is winterizing, dewaxing, or closed-loop extraction. Every company has a unique set of circumstances, such as whether they have to house the chiller outside or not, and an expert technician can create a chiller that will work for the individual business.

2. The chillers have no OEM (a special brand name) parts or specialized parts, meaning that any technician can fix or replace broken bits quickly. You won’t have to worry about losing productivity because your machine is down for a while.

3. All the parts meet the standards of the Electrical Testing Laboratories, so you know they are safe and durable.

4. Our chillers are designed to be easily maintained. Troubleshooting can often be done with one phone call. Our customer service department can also send out a certified technician if the problem proves a bit more complicated.

5. Our rental packages can be from a few weeks to a couple of years, depending on what you need. You can order a chiller any day, at any hour, and we fulfill orders quickly. This way, you can get your chiller almost as soon as you realize that you need one.

6. The plant where we make the chillers is large enough for us to make truly large chillers if you need to winterize or dewax a lot of products.

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JC Younger has a great deal to offer your business when you are in the cannabis industry. If you need to do some mid-temperature chilling, contact us.


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