Pharmaceutical Chillers

Temperature Control Chillers For the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries

For the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, strict temperature control is critical. Reliable temperature control not only preserves product quality but also improves operational efficiency. Safeguarding the integrity of pharmaceuticals by maintaining prescribed temperatures ensures worker and consumer safety as well. In addition, no one likes their processes constantly in flux because a chiller is down for repairs or maintenance.

If you are in the Pharma or biotech sector, the J.C. Younger Company, a trusted name in industrial refrigeration, can handle all your refrigeration needs. Our closed-loop, recirculating chillers are the perfect solution for your industry.

Whether you are mass-producing or formulating a new drug, temperature control is critical to your process. Additionally, accurate lab temperatures and humidity control are essential in your R&D and production. The J.C. Younger Company provides advanced temperature control solutions that meet and exceed your plant’s needs and processes.

Closed-loop recirculation chillers for your biotech and pharmaceutical lab

Process cooling should be top of mind for any pharmaceutical or biotech processor. Biomed companies are required to follow mandated temperature control guidelines. Lab chillers are typically used to cool labs, clean rooms, and storage rooms to minimize the risk of pathogens and contaminants.

On the Move

While Lab techs and researchers work assiduously to preserve proper temps within the labs, what do you do when it is time to pack and ship temperature-sensitive products, lab samples, or medicines?

For Biomed and Pharma companies, the complete cold supply chain relies on temperature control. Our lab chillers are versatile and are designed to transport products while maintaining proper temps. This is critical since even the slightest temperature change can create unsafe conditions, cause pathogen growth, or destabilize a product.

Biotech companies are also required to manage natural resources responsibly. For example, Closed-loop, recirculating chillers reduce water waste, making them an excellent environmentally friendly solution.

Lab Chillers

J.C. Younger’s vast line of industrial recirculating chillers are easy to install and portable; our lab cooling solutions will fit comfortably into your current layout. In addition, J.C. Younger ensures that equipment and materials are safe and are consistently cooled—they transport and store easily.

Temperature Control

Additionally, J.C. Younger offers cooling abilities down to -112° F. Fluids, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, as well as temperature-sensitive equipment. J.C. Younger has a cooling solution for all your needs. The chilling versatility and even chilling of our Deep Freeze, Freeze, and Frost lines offer the lab chiller solution your company needs.

Our portable lab chillers easy to install and use; they do not interfere with your current systems. These recirculating chillers protect your materials and sensitive lab equipment during storage, research, and transportation.

Rugged and reliable

J.C. Younger’s industrial water chillers are designed and rated for both indoor and outdoor installation. We understand that space is premium, so we build our units with the most economical footprint with no sacrifice to efficiency.

Our products are efficient, dependable, affordable, AND we have an extensive inventory, in-stock.

With our modularity kit, compressors of multiple units can be sequenced to increase your cooling capacity as your business grows exponentially. In addition, we know that biotech and Pharma companies’ chiller needs are diverse. It is for this reason that we custom-build our industrial chillers to your exact specifications.

And we don’t stop there—we provide 24/7 support and offer maintenance plans.

Every model industrial chiller we build is the same high-quality product you have expected from J.C. Younger. Our tech team listens to the specifics of your operations; our engineers will design a chiller that is right for you. The chillers are designed with steel frames that are durable, compact, and include casters.

Why choose J.C. Younger?

J.C. Younger clients include leaders in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and manufacturing fields. Our systems are custom-designed to fit your budget and deliver your chillers tested and ready for installation.

With over 140 years of collective experience in the refrigeration industry, J.C. Younger is a leader in manufacturing process cooling equipment. We are committed to bringing efficient, economical products to market; our goal is to provide a product that is as adaptable to your process as possible.

Give us a call today if you want to discuss the details of your project, learn more about our chillers, or need help deciding which chiller type is best for your processes. Visit our website or call us at 612-250-5397.


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