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J.C. Younger is the Cannabis Industry Chiller Partner to Grow Your Business

At J.C. Younger, we understand the needs of cannabis and CBD industry product manufacturers. We rent, sell, and service cannabis industry chillers. We also design custom-built industrial chilling equipment for the cannabis industry. Regardless of whether you are working with hemp extraction or cannabis extraction.

The roots of our company date back to 1956 and the refrigeration industry. Because of our long history in the refrigeration industry, we can design a cannabis industry chiller system based on your specific needs.

If you are interested in a lower-cost option, we also offer rental options for cannabis industry chillers that fit the needs of a growing business.

Whether you are looking to lease or buy, JCY can provide you the cannabis industry chillers that fit your needs perfectly.

The Common Parameters for Cannabis Industry Chillers and How Industrial Chillers are Vital to Every Step

As mentioned in past blog posts by JC Younger, there are various methods that can be used to extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Whether you are extracting hemp or cannabis, there are common parameters that need to be controlled. These include temperature, pressure or vacuum, source material, and solvent feed rate.

During The Extraction Process Temperature Must be Consistent and Repeatable

Temperature control while using any of the common cannabis extraction processes, such as ethanol or CO2, is critical. During the process of chilling the extraction agent, temperatures can reach negative 45 Fahrenheit or lower, and then it is compressed until it is liquefied.

There is only one efficient way to reach this temperature and control it, and that is with a chiller.

For high-quality results, JC Younger recommends that a custom cannabis extraction chiller unit be designed to meet unique temperature profile requirements, in comparison to a standard piece of equipment that is not built for the cannabis extraction industry.

According to Marijuana Venture, “temperature control is necessary throughout all the steps in the process, but precise extraction chamber temperature control is absolutely essential to managing final product quality and characteristics.”

It’s understandable that absolute temperature control must also be replicable from one batch to another. The standard temperature control variance must be within 0.275 degrees Celsius for consistency across product results, according to Marijuana Venture.

Initial Purification Process Requires Temperature Control

For the final product purification, dewaxing and “winterization” removes waxes and undesired elements. The separation process depends upon cooling the extract down.

Decarboxylation Activates the CBD/THC Components with Temperature Control

Another step, decarboxylation, is necessary for stimulating the CBD/THC components. This process requires “carefully heating an extracted solution to release the carboxyl ring group (COOH).”

Distillation Process for Final Purification Depends upon Temperature Control

Again, “closely controlled temperature” plays a role in the final production of a high-quality CBD and THC oils. Extremely high temperatures are necessary for this final purification process.

Solvent Removal is Accomplished with Temperature Control

“The final step in the process is solvent removal, accomplished in a separate, external cold trap, which is also temperature controlled with a chiller.” And in some productions, “crystallization” may be needed to separate THC and CBD, requiring temperature adjustment and control.

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