Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Quality Brewery Chiller

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Quality Brewery Chiller:

Breweries have a lot of cooling needs, and anyone getting started in the beverage industry will eventually need to rent or buy a chiller to meet their brewing production needs. JC Younger has been manufacturing glycol chillers specifically for the beverage industry for decades. We can offer rental chiller options that are ready to go right out of our existing inventory, or we can design a custom brewery chiller to meet your company’s unique needs.  In the article below, we will review three questions you will want to consider before purchasing a chiller for your brewery.


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1) Where Is It Being Used?

Brewery chillers can be purchased for either indoor or outdoor use. Both have their unique advantages:

  • Outdoor brewery chillers don’t heat up the surrounding room since the heat from the chiller dissipates into the ambient air.
  • Outdoor brewery chillers free up warehouse space.
  • Outdoor brewery chillers limit the noise factor.


  • Indoor brewery chillers are safe from outdoor temperature extremes.
  • Indoor brewery chillers are safer to maintain since no technician has to go outside.
  • Indoor brewery chillers can be less expensive.

Your brewery will have to take into account how big its space is and who is working on the chiller.

2) What Unique Needs Will The Chiller Meet?

Every brewery approaches the process of producing beer a little differently. Some breweries focus on artisan flavors, using unusual ingredients and they experiment with different brewing techniques. Brewmasters with this approach will want the ability to specifically control the temperature when they chill their wort and other ingredients, as different types of yeast work best at different temperatures.

Other breweries are more concerned about the consistency and production volume of their brews. Brands like this require bigger chillers for larger product runs. Brewmasters with this approach will also want to use a chiller to cool their wort quickly, which will tightly control the yeast life-cycle and prevent off-flavors from bacterial contaminants in the yeast.

If you fall into either of these groups, you will want to rent or buy a glycol brewery chiller. Because you will need to remove heat quickly from your brewing process. The particulars of how much heat needs to be removed, and at what stage in the process, differs from company to company. Also, the amount of space your brewery has available will factor into where you place your chiller. Depending on your requirements, you may need to order a custom glycol chiller.

3) Should You Rent a Brewery Chiller?

There are a number of situations where renting a brewery chiller is a better option than purchasing a brand new chiller for your brewery:

  • If you are just starting out and looking to maximize your cash flow before making another large capital investment, renting a chiller makes more sense. Renting a chiller allows you to save significantly on upfront costs.
  • If you are worried about covering the costs of unexpected breakdowns, JC Younger’s Rental Chiller Program covers all routine maintenance and service calls. Our experts will troubleshoot any issues that arise during the length of the contract.
  • If you are looking to expand, or move your location over time and you don’t want to pay to a heavy chiller to your next location. Rent a chiller.
  • If your production rate varies from season to season, and you only need temporary support. Rent a chiller.
  • If the requirements of your brewery frequently change, and you need flexibility. Rent a chiller. industrial chillers

How JC Younger Can Help with Brewery Glycol Chillers

We have been in the business of helping breweries with their chilling needs since 2005, and we have the brewery chiller expertise to show for it (including in-house specialists who can work with you to nail down what you need.) JC Younger offers rental chillers or brand new customized glycol brewery chillers. Over the years, we have worked with large and small breweries. We’re comfortable quoting breweries of all sizes.

JCY brewery chillers are always made from non-specialized parts that technicians can easily replace, and most of our more powerful models (the 5 HP and up ones) can be added to so that you can adapt the chiller to changing needs. We also have over 20 rental units you can order should your chiller ever fail and you need a backup. Your company can avoid excessive downtime and product loss even when your cooling systems are being modified.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that we are available to help you with your brewery needs all day, every day, so please give us a call at 952-929-1838 or contact us online if you are looking at getting a glycol brewery chiller.

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