Why a Rental Chiller Might Be Right for Your Application

Many industries need cooling technology to keep processes running correctly. Several examples of those who need temperature control are plastic manufacturers, milk producers and dairy farms, medical device and equipment manufacturers, bakeries, construction sites, metal production facilities, beef and poultry processors, breweries, and many more. Cooling costs are rising for businesses and this is exactly why a rental chiller might be right for your application.

A chiller is basically a machine that removes heat. The cost of a permanent cooling unit for your business might be prohibitive, especially if you are a smaller business, or don’t know your exact cooling needs. There are several benefits to choosing a rental chiller over a permanent unit.

Unit Size

When you choose a rental chiller you have the flexibility to change the size of your unit depending on your needs. If your cooling needs fluctuate or if you under or overestimate, a simple exchange of the unit would take place. If you invest in a permanent unit that is specifically designed for your application, you will have spent thousands of dollars on a unit that may not be right for you.


When choosing a rental chiller for your application, you can try out the unit first before deciding to purchase a permanent unit. This is advantageous in that you can determine the correct size for your situation as mentioned above, as well as see if the chiller will work for you in general or if you need another solution. This will also give you time to try out the chiller company and see if their products, customer service, and work ethic are right for you.

Damage Repair and Maintenance Are Covered

Rental chillers are fully covered for damage repair as well as maintenance. This saves you money should a repair be necessary and you don’t have the worry of absorbing those costs in the future. Maintenance is also covered which saves you money as well. Should a problem arise, we will dispatch one of our technicians to your site. All of our technicians are Dunwoody Graduates.

Changing Business Needs

If your business is not fully established, or changes from time to time, renting a chiller may be a better option for you than buying one. You don’t have the expense of a permanent unit you may not need in the future, as chillers last 10 to 20 years if well maintained and properly operated.

Quick Delivery

It takes time to plan, design, and build a permanent unit, as well as to install it and get it up and running in your facility. Rental chillers are usually available within 1-5 business days and can be delivered to any facility in the United States.

Our rental rates are approximately 1/3 less than our competition, and we provide the hoses for quick hook-up. We also provide a transformer, should the correct voltage not be available on site for the chiller. This can all save you time and money, and reduce business down-time and product loss.

Tax Write Off

In most cases, 100% of your chiller rent payments are tax-deductible, so buying a permanent unit is not necessarily advantageous. As always, speak to your tax accountant about tax write-offs.


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