The Use of Rented Construction Chillers

For a construction project maintaning the temperature at construction site is a major issue.  We can help the construction companies to maintain the optimum temperature at tyhe construction site and make it suitable for their workers to work comfortably.
Want to know how successful construction facilities are able to maintain the site temperature? Read the below guide to know how we can help you to optimize your workers performance efficiently with our specially designed construction chillers.

When you imagine that any construction site will be a temporary location at best, it makes sense that you will want to achieve cost-effectiveness. This means that you must move the right equipment onto the site for each stage of the project without paying too much per machine. One type of equipment that may be necessary while a project is underway is a  construction chiller.

Many chillers are so large that they must be assembled in pieces and loaded onto trucks. Then, they must be reassembled at the job site and will then be used to perform temporary assignments. Other chillers are portable units with all of their components intact.

The type of cooler that you will need depends on the level of cooling that the construction project must achieve and how much square footage must be cooled (at least for the interior of a structure). For other construction purposes, it’s necessary to keep physical inventory cool, albeit foodstuffs or materials that will be used during the building process. We can provide a variety of rented construction chillers to sites throughout the United States for reasonable rates.

Cooling and the Environment

Many types of cooling have evolved in the United States to accommodate a large-scale demand for lower temperatures. However, the earlier forms of chillers were known to produce a harmful level of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are known to deplete our planet’s stratosphere.

This would be undesirable because the stratosphere has the important job of absorbing ultraviolet radiation, which would otherwise be allowed to reach the Earth. When you’re looking for rented construction chillers for construction projects, you should seek to form a partnership with suppliers who use non-CFC-producing refrigeration processes.

We want to explain the art of cooling here so our readers understand how the use of chemicals is a choice. Some chillers could use more than one type of chemical, especially refrigerant, and some would be better for the planet than others. You should get specific about what kinds of refrigerants are proposed for rented construction chillers.

The Presence of CFCs

Many chillers that were built before 1995 were known to use chlorofluorocarbons. The issue was the presence of chlorine in the refrigerants. In 1995, the Montreal Protocol was an agreement formed by more than 50 countries, which committed each member to reduce CFCs by half.

The aim was to protect the ozone layer and to reduce the greenhouse effect on the Earth. In the future, the Montreal Protocol member countries would carefully regulate and then gradually eliminate the use of CFCs, that is, unless they could be properly contained within updated cooling systems.

The Move to HFCs

Newer chilling systems may use chemicals known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which means that there is no chlorine used within them. In cooling systems that still use CFCs (especially those built before 2010), the owner of the site has a responsibility under current regulations to use a technician certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. This trained professional will help to ensure that CFC-containing systems adequately house the harmful chemicals that would otherwise damage the ozone layer.

The same harmful refrigerants must be reclaimed and recycled according to current standards without being allowed to leak or to cause such damage. When you are the leader of a construction project, you may use a complex arrangement of contractors and subcontractors to perform various tasks. They may bring their own equipment onto the site to complete their work. However, if they will use cooling systems, the site owner is still responsible for ensuring that CFCs are not allowed to damage the environment.

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