Superior Chillers for Processes Utilizing Jacketed Vessels and Natural Refrigerants

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J.C. Younger Constructs Chillers for Natural Refrigerants

When you are in the market for the perfect chiller for a process incorporating jacketed vessels, the team at J.C. Younger is here to customize the ideal chiller for your temperature control needs.

Whether you use ethanol, CO2 or hydrocarbon, our chiller systems can deliver top temperature control that your business requires.

Natural Refrigerants Better for the Environment

Many industries are beginning to contribute to saving the ozone to prevent global warming.

The ozone and global warming concerns are now part of the criteria for measuring if a refrigerant is environmentally friendly.

As found on Process Cooling, “Process Cooling Systems using Modern Natural Refrigerants” by Bentley, W. (2018, March 9), reviews the significance of using natural refrigerants along with the safety measures to consider when using these refrigerants in the cooling process.

Why are natural refrigerants on the rise to use in the industrial cooling process? As reported, understanding the potential of two criteria is what leads the revolutionary change across the world.

  • “Ozone-depletion potential (ODP)” – What is the potential danger of a particular substance has to harmfully affect the ozone layer that shields us from the harmful rays of the sun?
  • “Global-warming potential (GWP)” – What is the potential to increase global warming over various periods of time?

Natural Refrigerants and Their Characteristics

The “inherent characteristics” of each natural refrigerant helps determine their capability for various applications.

  • Hydrocarbons, such as Butane, have “no” ODP effect, and they have a “low” GWP effect. The dilemma of working with hydrocarbons is flammability which requires “different and safer technologies for refrigeration and industrial process cooling systems and components.”
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has “no” ODP effect, has a “lower GWP” than Hydrocarbons, and it is non-flammable. It’s challenging factor is “high pressure.”
  • Ammonia measures “zero for both ODP and GWP effects.” The challenging factor of this natural refrigerants is its corrosive characteristics, and “compounds used in ammonia applications require careful consideration of material compatibility.”

Technology-Driven Components for Natural Refrigerant Compatibility

One challenge for using these refrigerants is the chemical reaction to particular components. Technological advancements are allowing industry leaders to develop new components to incorporate these climate-friendly refrigerants. The components that are in production include “pressure switches and sensors to meet different application requirements” for industrial cooling needs. Training and safety courses are helping to further the implementation of using these eco-friendly refrigerants.

Ideal for Processes Utilizing Jacketed Vessels

The team at J.C. Younger has the experience and knowledge to work with those industries using jacketed vessel processes. No matter the type of jacketed vessel process, we understand the requirements needed to work with conventional, half-pipe coil, dimple, and internal coil.

We work with a variety of applications utilizing jacketed vessels. Our chillers are perfect for processes using ethanol, carbon dioxide or a hydrocarbon such as cannabis CBD and THC oil extraction systems.

We carefully take into consideration the characteristics of the natural refrigerants as we construct quality chillers with the proper parts and components with total compatibility.

Found on CANNABIS Business Times, “Your Guide to Supercritical Extraction” by June-Wells, Ph.D., M. (2018, March 7), offers a detailed summary to “understanding the principles of carbon dioxide extraction.” Part of a two-piece review on CANNABIS Business Times, Dr. June-Wells also pens “Your Guide to Hydrocarbon Extraction.”

J.C. Younger: Chillers Built with Years of Education and Experience

Our technician team continues to study and integrate the best technology into our chillers to deliver quality with the most beneficial and eco-friendly refrigerants.

Our mission is to deliver the best chiller systems across the United States, and we have the highly-skilled team to work with many applications.

When you are looking for the ideal chillers for your process incorporating jacketed vessels, we are the experts. Give us a call with all of your questions. It is always a pleasure to team up with you.


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