Cannon River Winery (Cannon Falls, MN)

After working all over the United States at industrial 20 Million+ gallon facilities all the way down 2,000 case boutique wineries Sandy and the crew make one hell of a unit and their service is some of the best in the industry. I have seen and worked with many of the newer and more well known chiller suppliers and have also worked with some older “antiquated” chiller equipment. The JC Younger unit we use at our facility is hands down one of best units on the market today. Its simple, its stout, the components are all the best money can buy, its made in the USA, in my opinion the unit is “overbuilt” in the best way possible. The other more well know big chiller companies will only build the condensers stateside, then slap cheap Chinese compressors/pumps/electronics on the rest of the unit…. you spend $60k+ only to be replacing compressors/pumps and electronics 6 months later. Trust me I have been the guy at 3am swapping pumps/compressors and electronics on brand new 60+ ton units during harvest with “big brand” units, have also seen “big brand” chiller units control box doors blown across parking lots because the electronics were Chinese junk and exploded or melted down. Some of the bigger guys will actually give you boxes of parts if you spend a million bucks and say “you will need these for repairs”! JCY sizes and sells you a unit built for what you need. Its done right the first time, and if you have any issues Sandy and the crew are 1 phone call away. These units are absolute tanks, they are built the good old fashioned American way, and if properly maintained should last for many many years with zero issues.


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