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Finding the Breweries to Enjoy Summer 2020

Summer is now upon us, and it’s during the heat of the hotter months that beers are part of many American outdoor adventures. Craft breweries offer beers throughout the year to celebrate “the seasonality of beer.” As Pour My Beer explains, summer beers “are light and drinkable,” with the flavors of fruit, wheat, pale and hoppy, and the classic pilsner” being the choice across America.

Whether you’re staying close to home, or you’re planning on a well-planned summer adventure, you may want to know what breweries are open in your hometown or along your vacation route. Brewbound is a resource to see what’s brewing in their brewery database.

Ice-Cold is Great for Summer Beers, but Not Always the Best for All Beers

There is nothing better than an ice-cold beer in the heat of the summer, but not all beers are good at supercold temperatures. Food & Wine explains why you don’t want to drink every beer ice-cold. “Much like wine, different beer styles actually have different serving temperatures.”

Chilling is Not Only for the Final Product

Breweries require ultimate chilling processes to guarantee the taste that flows from bottles and taps. The chiller system, glycol chillers, plays a major role in every brewery, guaranteeing the quality of the final flow from bottles, growlers, and taps, as explained in The Equipped Brewer.

J.C. Younger: A Leader in the Manufacturing of Brewery Glycol Chillers

Whether you’re an up and running brewery, or you’re contemplating opening up a new brewery in your neighborhood, you want to partner with a chiller manufacturing that has everything you will need to keep your brewery operational.

When you partner with J.C. Younger, our rental and sales glycol chillers are custom-made in our 40,000-foot plant in Saint Paul, MN, and we have decades of experience to help you decide what need for your brewery business. We keep an inventory of rental chillers that we can customize for any customer’s emergency needs.

Troubleshooting a Brewery Glycol Chiller System

At J.C.  Younger, all of our chillers user-friendly so that the learning curve for our customers is low, and we can help our customers remotely troubleshoot most of the time. When beer temperatures are not adequate for quality results, we will first go through a list of steps for fast problem-solving. KegWorks offers a good article on the glycol chiller system and discusses troubleshooting checkpoints.

  • Glycol Bath Cover
  • Glycol Bath Temperature
  • Glycol Mixture
  • Motor and Pumps
  • Condensers Obstructions
  • Line Damage and Flow

J.C. Younger (JCY): 60+ Years in Chiller Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

Since 1956, the team at J.C. Younger has grown to be a leader in the manufacturing and remanufacturing of quality-customized chillers. Whatever your brewery needs may be, there is nothing we cannot handle to keep your brewing process flowing.

We Have the Knowledge Our Customers Need

Since 1956, we have been manufacturing and remanufacturing quality-customized chiller systems. As we recommend to many new customers, renting is a good way to get the chiller system that is best for your operation. When you’re looking to expand your brewing operation, we have rentals that will help you quickly expand, while we customize your chiller addition. And, we offer a list of advantages to renting one of our JCY rental chillers.

We Value our Customers with Our JCY Advantage

Along with our 24/7 support, we offer our customers an array of advantages that show you we value your business.

We Offer Financing Options

We have partnered with financial institutions to help our customers with financing options. Ask about our brewery financing option.

We’re here to take your call, answer your questions, and help your patrons enjoy your brews. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to partnering with you.


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