Things To Know About Hydroponic Chillers

hydroponic chillers

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The cannabis industry has been expanding into all sorts of products, but they all start with good plants. This puts the onus on cultivators to grow healthy ones. One of the best methods for doing this is through hydroponics, but that does require equipment. Chillers, for instance, are involved.

Here are a few things you should know about the chillers you need should you be starting a hydroponic operation.

What You Use It For

Hydroponic systems rely on the root zone remaining the right temperature as water circulates nutrient-added water around them. This water has to be warm enough for the root systems to suck the maximum amount of nutrition from it, but cool enough to discourage root rot, low oxygen uptake, and algae growth. The right temperature is typically set at 65 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Design Considerations

In a hydroponic system, you will need a reservoir of nutrients and water. The chiller will be attached to this and a water pump will take the water in the reservoir through the chiller and then to the plant roots.

These chillers can take many shapes, depending on your needs. Some (called air-cooled chillers) will cool the water by dumping heat straight in the air, and others (called water-cooled chillers) will put the heat in a stream of refrigerant, which will then go to a compressor to cool off.

You may need to put the chiller in a room separate from the growing plants since air-cooled chillers produce heat. This means that you will have to connect it to your feeder tubes. This requires different pumps that need to be added to the chiller. You might want to add the nutrients to a reservoir already attached to the chiller as well. This all depends on where you put the chiller and how much space you can give it.

Hydroponic chillers can come in a range of horsepower, and how big a chiller you get will depend on the size of your operation. It won’t be very efficient to get a 140 HP chiller for a few rows of plants. The water won’t get any cooler, and it will suck up extra energy. On the other hand, getting a chiller that is too small will mean constantly refilling your reservoir and working it for longer.

Rent Chiller vs Owned Chiller

You can buy a chiller outright, and this can be worth the upfront investment if you are willing to maintain it properly. However, many rental packages come with maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Other rental advantages:

  • They are easy to return for a model better suited to new conditions. You can size up or down with demand, for instance.
  • They may be easier to budget for.

How J.C. Younger Can Help Your Hydroponic Chiller Needs

Our company has been selling and loaning out chillers to many industries for decades now, and we are pleased to do the same for the cannabis industry, including hydroponic grows. We can help you get your operation what it needs.

  • We customize chillers to their environments and requirements. You won’t be stuck with a machine that is too big or won’t reduce the temperature enough.
  • All our chillers are simple and user-friendly: no OEM parts and no microprocessors. All the equipment is ETL-UL 1995 listed and can be worked on by any technician.
  • Our rental packages include maintenance and often include accessories that you need.
  • Rentals can last for a couple weeks or for years, depending on how long you need the particular chiller.
  • We can make them as big as you need them in our spacious warehouse.
  • Our team knows about the business and what it requires of chillers.

If your operation needs a hydroponic chiller, JC Younger looks forward to working with you to get the best version for your business. Contact us for more information.


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