Tips for Picking the Right Chiller Rental

the right chiller

If you’re looking towards choosing the absolute best chiller rental for your business, you’ll get some great ideas through this article. The most important part about this is that it eases the cooling process which is a vital aspect of any engineering process.

It’s also crucial if you’re planning for the most appropriate cooling technology. That way, you’ll achieve quality with higher durability. After all, you need the right chiller rental that can offer solutions to all your cooling needs.

You, therefore, have to make quite a few crucial decisions since the market is overflowing with vendors different types of products. Also, before making a decision, consider the space available.

Portable versus Central Chillers

There are two main categories of chillers. They include:

  • Portable chillers
  • Central chillers

It’s important to understand these categories of rental chillers to make an optimal decision regarding your cooling needs.  Each category comes with its advantages and explicit features.

Portable Chillers

The best part about portable chillers is that you can easily move them. In most cases, they’re fixed indoors to cool an indoor setting.

They operate at variable temperatures; they bring coolness as required.  They’re preferably used with fewer machines.  Consider the factors below when renting a portable chiller rental.

  • Floor Space

Portable chillers are fixed on the work floor. Thus, they generally take up more space with other machines. In truth, they’re ideal if you have a much bigger space which can take up more machines along with the portable chillers.

  • Noise

This is important for anyone planning for a rental machine.  Different machines create different noise levels.  Due to this fact, it’s advisable to pick a portable chiller that can help keep the noise levels down.

Alternatively, you can consider outdoor chillers.

  • Performance

This is a crucial aspect as it determines the accuracy of the chiller. While the central chiller works on a stable temperature, a portable chiller works at varying temperatures.

You can easily customize a portable chiller; they’re a popular pick when considering performance. If your machine units need temperature flexibility, a portable rental chiller is a top choice.  With these, they ensure accuracy and absolute output.

  • Cost

The major determinant when selecting a portable chiller is the cost. There are portable chillers whose costs are higher than central chillers. It can hugely affect the final decision.

If flexibility is your option, then a portable chiller is the way to go.

Central Chillers

The good thing about central chillers is that they’re a permanent setting, fixed in a particular location. It obviously means that you can’t move a central chiller rental once it’s installed.  You need to be wise when deciding where to have the chiller installed.

You can choose to have the chiller installed either indoors or outdoors as they are used to cool an outdoor or indoor setting.

Central chillers works at constant temperatures hence provide constant coolness to the floor. They are best when used to cool many machines.  Consider the following factors when selecting a central chiller:

  • Floor Space

These chillers do not take more space. They’re ideal if you don’t have much space.  They are installed outside.

To improve their work efficiency, you can have them fixed in equipment spaces. It’s because of this that they’re used by many industries as opposed to the portable ones.

  • Noise

They do not create much noise since they’re installed outside.  If you want to cut the noise, then consider buying a central chiller as it is installed outside.

  • Performance

Since central chillers can cool many machines, they are great at uniform cooling. However, they cannot be used in a setting that requires precise cooling. It’s advisable that you check the setting before selecting the type of chiller rental.

  • Cost

You can find a cheaper central chiller as they’re generally cheaper. Make a sound decision after confirming the above parameters.

It’s equally important to also understand the two types of chillers: air- cooled and water-cooled chillers.

Water- Cooled Chillers

water-cooled chiller system has an open-ended structure that is tall and shaped as a cylinder. It cools using water through vaporation. These chillers lower the temperature of the cooling refrigerator.

They deliver absolute efficiency since they are able to condense. The lower the condensation process the higher the cooling efficiency.

Air-Cooled Chiller System

An air-cooled chiller does not need a cooling tower. It’s condenser depends on the air in the surrounding to facilitate the cooling.

The Bottom Line

The cooling aspect is vital for any engineering process. However, the chiller you select plays a key role when it comes to performance, production quality, efficiency and durability of the machines in the setting.

You need to get it right before choosing a rental chiller. The above tips will help you purchase the best chiller to solve your cooling problems.

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