The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Remanufactured Chillers

Professionally remanufactured chillers offer a brilliant combination of value, quality, and reliability. Designed for use in virtually any industry, remanufactured chillers are gaining recognition for their affordable pricing and their customizability. Below are the top five reasons why you should consider a remanufactured chiller.

1) Outstanding Cost Savings

While the cost of a remanufactured chiller varies according to size and chiller type, all remanufactured chillers share a common feature: they are substantially less expensive than comparable new models. As summarized below by Ammar Alqahtani, remanufactured products are increasing in popularity due to their lower costs:

“Remanufactured products are very popular with consumer due to their appeal to offer the latest technology with lower prices compared to brand new products.” – Ammar Y. Alqahtani, Rise: 2017

With remanufactured chillers selling for a fraction of the cost of new units, business owners in every industry will have plenty of money left over to devote to other equipment or technology.

2) Superb Quality

Just because a remanufactured chiller is far less costly than a new one does not mean that quality is compromised. On the contrary, professionally remanufactured chillers receive a thorough inspection that consists of the following steps:

  • All key components except for the evaporator and condenser are removed from the chiller
  • The condenser and evaporator are thoroughly cleaned and flushed by trained technicians
  • The chiller’s circuits are tested to ensure proper efficiency
  • Worn components such as the compressor and motor are then replaced with all new components
  • The chiller is painted and is professionally detailed

3) A One Year Parts Warranty

Many people are surprised to hear that remanufactured chillers carry the same warranty as brand new chillers. A warranty is essential for providing peace of mind for customers, especially those who are purchasing remanufactured products for the very first time. Top-notch chiller manufacturers who offer remanufactured units are confident in the quality of their remanufacturing process and are proud to offer a one year warranty.

4) An Excellent Fit for Short-Term and Long-Term Situations

When properly inspected and prepared, remanufactured chillers are designed to last as long as new models. So they are great choices for facilities with long-term needs. They are also an excellent option for companies that have temporary or short-term requirements. Buying a brand new chiller does not make financial sense for a company that may only require a chiller for 5-10 days or even several months. In these cases, remanufactured chillers fulfill vital needs in the following ways:

  • They are a cost-effective option for special projects or temporary needs
  • They play a key role in the rental chiller market by enabling facilities to meet peak season demands
  • They help facilities prevent lulls in production when an existing chiller breaks down

5) Customizability

No two facilities are exactly alike in terms of their capital equipment needs or desired applications. Remanufactured chillers are found in a variety of facilities, including construction, chemical manufacturing plants, breweries, and dairy farms. They can be built according to your desired specifications, enabling business owners to satisfy system requirements and meet their budgetary parameters. Top providers can quickly customize chillers without significantly increasing order lead time.

Selecting a Trusted Provider of Remanufactured Chillers

The best way to ensure that you receive a high-quality remanufactured chiller is to carefully evaluate providers. Ideally, the provider you choose should be an ETL-UL 1995 listed manufacturer with decades of industry experience. As a provider with over 50 years of experience in the chiller business, JCY offers an extensive selection of new and professionally remanufactured chillers. To find out why J.C. Younger Company (JCY) is the nation’s most trusted provider of remanufactured chillers, simply contact us. We look forward to becoming your trusted chiller provider.


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