J.C. Younger Builds Superior Quality into Every Water-Cooled Chiller

Almost 53.4% of the industrial machineries lose their efficiency within 5 years. We can help the industries in maintaining the condition of machinery by providing them with a proper cooling mechanism. 
Want to know how successful industries are able to maintain the efficiency of their machinery? Read the below guide to know how we can maintain the efficiency of your machinery with our water cooled chillers.

The Basics of a Water-Cooled Chiller

Like an air-cooled chiller, a water-cooled chiller is a refrigeration system that produces cold water that cools down equipment in industrial applications or helps to cool buildings. As the names imply, the air-cooled chiller utilizes airflow to assist in the cooling process, whereas the water-cooled chiller refrigerant is cooled with the use of water that is cooled in a cooling tower.

An informative video is found on YouTube, “Chiller Basics – How they work” by The Engineering, Evans, P. (2016, October 30). If you’re totally new to having to understand a water-cooled chiller, this is a great way to visualize the process.

Components of a Water-Cooled Chiller

Just like the air-cooled chiller, the water-cooled chiller has the same components known as the condenser, the evaporator, the compressor, and the expansion valve. There are additional components of this type of chiller which are important circuit parts.

  • Refrigeration circuit loop passes the refrigerant throughout the four main components to transfer the heat from the evaporator over to the condenser. The Compressor pushes the refrigerant into the condenser. The refrigerant leaves the condenser through the expansion valve which expands the refrigerant. The refrigerant then enters into the evaporator to pick up more heat and passes back into the compressor.
  • Chilled-water loop is what brings the building’s heat into the system and returns the cooled water back out to continue to cool the building.
  • Condenser circuit takes the heated water to the cooling towers and returns cooler.

Two other parts of the water-cooled chiller system are the cooling tower and the water pumps.

There can be different designs that have the water looping through and out on the same end, or it can enter into one side and out the other. We will help you better understand the reasons for different built components if it’s necessary for your unique setup.

The Pros and Cons of a Water-Cooled Chiller

We have addressed this in more detail one of our previous blogs, “Advantage and Disadvantages of Water-Cooled Chillers” September 16, 2016 blog, and we’ll list those again.

  • Advantages
    • A longer lifespan can be expected due to being indoors opposed to most air-cooled chillers are placed outdoors.
    • A much quieter operation from the flow of water as opposed to the noise produced by the condenser cooling
    • More energy efficient due to how water transfers heat compared to that of air transferring heat.
    • Better for companies with inefficient outdoor space needed for air-cooled chillers.
  • Disadvantages
    • More upfront costs due to the additional components needed to operate.
    • More maintenance expense because of the parts and keeping the system free of water impurities.
    • Installation can take longer.
    • Requires a mechanical room to house the unit.
    • Water is needed.
      • Not recommended for areas subjected to routine drought situations.
    • Humidity can affect the efficiency of these units.

The JCY Team Helps Customers Understand Water-Cooled Chillers

When you purchase or rent a chiller from us, we partner with you to deliver the best product and service. If you’re not sure which type of chiller is the best for you, we will guide you.

  • We have years of experience and knowledge built into every chiller since 1956.
  • When you don’t have the knowledge of chillers, we are the best educators.
  • We manufacturer and re-manufacturer our chillers, so we know our products and the quality components we use.
  • We build our chillers to be user-friendly.
    • A lot of your chiller issues can be handled by troubleshooting over the phone.
  • We have chillers in stock for purchase or rent, and we can quickly customize one to work for you.
  • Shipping anywhere in the United States is never a problem.
  • We have partnered with leading financial institutions to help you with financing.
  • We have an extensive network of certified technicians across the country.
  • Our customer service is available 24/7 because we know your business cannot afford downtime.

J.C. Younger is here when you need a dependable chiller that comes with the best customer service. Give us a call with any questions. We love what we do, and we love helping customers get the best chiller in the country.


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