When Your Cannabis Business Might Want To Rent A Chiller

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The Importance of A Good Chiller In CBD/THC Extraction And Distillation

When you are starting out in the cannabis and hemp processing business, there are many pieces of equipment to consider. One of the most important to the quality of the product is the chiller.

There are many extraction processes to choose from when you are processing cannabis. Many of them require liquefying the extracting agent, which could be CO2, butane, propane, or ethanol. Whichever you use, you start out by cooling and then compressing it.

The temperature that you cool it to is critical. If it is more than .5 degrees Fahrenheit too hot, you can lose the some of the flavoring terpenoids in the product. It could denature the final product itself. You could wind up with a lot of resin with little active ingredients. If it is too cold, you will get less wax and more oil.

Then you will need to purify it further by cooling the extracted substances to -4 degrees Fahrenheit (or -20 degrees Celsius.) If the chiller is too warm, contaminants can remain. Being able to control the temperature is crucial to both steps.

However, it isn’t always necessary to buy the chiller to have around your warehouse.

When A Rental Is A Good Idea

The extraction industry can throw you curve balls. For instance:

  1. You are just starting your business and aren’t certain how invested you want to be. Renting a chiller lets you try your hand at it while the laws concerning cannabis products are in flux and you’re deciding on your business plan.
  2. You harvest enough to start processing only part of the year and can’t afford to waste space on equipment that you aren’t currently using.
  3. You harvested way more than you expected and need to process it all quickly in order to get reliably high-quality products to your customers.
  4. For tax or financial reasons, it is better for your company to rent big pieces of equipment than to own them.
  5. You would feel better with a maintenance package, and you know a rental will come with customer service.
  6. You will be moving soon and you don’t want to invest in a big piece of equipment that you will have to move and might not fit in the new space anyway.

All these are good reasons to rent a chiller.

How Can JC Younger Help You With It?

As a company, JC Younger has specialized in customizing chillers to every company’s needs, and we include the extraction industry. We can build really big chillers to meet your high volume needs, and the temperatures of our chillers are easy to dial in to guarantee a quality product.

JC Younger can lease a chiller to you as part of a package deal. Whether your company needs a chiller for a week or for a few years, we have your back. All our re-manufactured chillers have been fixed, tested and cleaned to UL 1995 standards, which means our machines pass muster with Canada and the US. We also have:

  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Quick delivery
  • Custom designed chillers that meet your particular needs
  • Easy trouble-shooting that we can help you with over the phone
  • No specialized parts so our machines are easy to maintain. You can even hire outside technicians to fix them since the parts are universally understood.
  • We can make chillers for your hydroponic needs too.

If you are looking to rent a chiller, whether to start extraction or to winterize, contact us. We have decades of experience with chillers, and our high-quality machines can help you reliably create the highest-quality products.


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