Why Renting Chillers For Your Industrial Business Is A Good Idea

Running a business, especially when you are just starting out, is hard. Big pieces of equipment are a big part of that headache, and the first thing you have to ask is if you need to rent or buy the equipment. With chillers, renting might be a good idea.

Business Advantages To Renting

It is better to buy equipment sometimes, but there are many circumstances where that isn’t so. Some general reasons that you might prefer to rent something as big as a chiller include:

  • You have to move your business sometimes or your business will change location soon. Lugging a big piece of equipment between places may be more hassle and expense than it is worth.
  • You are just starting out and increasing your cash flow is critical. Rental packages can be more affordable upfront.
  • The purpose of your chiller is both specific and temporary. Many business projects require a chiller unique to that activity. However, these projects don’t last forever. It will be hard to resell such a specialized piece of equipment and you won’t want it taking up lots of expensive space once you don’t need it.
  • Your business really can’t afford maintenance alone. Many rental packages come with the rental company’s expertise, and rented chillers can be easily replaced before the wearing down starts to outstrip your ability to take care of it.
  • You are just starting out and know that you will need to upgrade your equipment regularly as your business grows. If the older model no longer works for your company, you can return it and get the one that does without trying to store or sell the less-useful piece of equipment.

Some industry-specific reasons to get a rental are:

  • You work in something agricultural and you need to accommodate the harvest season while saving space for the rest of the year. Feedlots, breweries, CBD, and hemp manufacturers have times when they are dealing with large influxes of crops.
  • Research and development teams that are working on specific projects. A particular experiment requiring a chiller can last anywhere from a day to years, but they do end.

What Should You Look For In A Rental Chiller

Each industry has particular requirements for chillers. Some need jacketing, some should be air-chilled, and others should be water-cooled. However, once you have identified what you are going to do with your chiller, where it will be located (some are designed to be outside, ) and how long you are going to need it, you will want to look at some general requirements. For instance:

  • You will want it to be easy to fix, maintain, and operate. There is no sense in getting a chiller that it would take Einstein to keep working, and this is doubly true for a piece of equipment you are renting. It is helpful if the parts of the chiller are non-specialized and don’t need fancy, unfixable items like microprocessors to function. That way, anyone can make simple replacements. Rental packages should come with a phone number you can call for troubleshooting.
  • The parts should all meet the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards. They are an international company that writes the safety standards for various pieces of equipment. Chiller components are covered by the UL 1995.

Fortunately, JC Younger specializes in building, selling, and renting out chillers that meet the above requirements. Since 1956, our family-owned company has made chillers for light commercial and heavy industrial purposes. Our large manufacturing plant and years of experience allow us to create equipment that matches your business’s needs. You can rent these items for a week or for years, and we will gladly help you troubleshoot a chiller over the phone or send you a technician to fix the problem. If you are interested in renting a chiller, contact us.


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