Your Options When Winter Months Cause Chiller Concerns

Winter Has Arrived; J.C. Younger is Here to Help!

As we have seen this year, winter blasted in with wild temperature swings. For those chillers that aren’t prepared for freezing temperatures, you may experience shutdown below certain temperatures. No matter your troubles, the team at J.C. Younger are here for you. We work with companies all over the country, so we are well versed in the varying climates. We work with many companies and requiring chillers for their applications.

Caring for Chillers in the Winter

Preventive maintenance is a key to keeping your chiller systems working efficiently through the harsh, winter months. If you are located in part of the country experiencing freezing temperatures, it is important that you maintain your chillers or you may experience a decrease in performance or even a shutdown. If you don’t have a routine preventive maintenance plan, it is important to start one. It is always good to understand how to troubleshoot common problems that occur with chillers. It may not necessarily be the freezing temperatures.

Checking the levels of glycol is very important during the cold months. Not keeping the correct mix of glycol to water can result in freezing conditions that can cause severe damage to your system. Keep the chiller coils and condenser fans free of those pollutants that can build up and cause a decrease in output. Check for any buildup in the strainers, and check for any leaks that can cause freezing conditions to the system.

An Option for the Winter Months

A better option is using J.C. Younger’s winter chillers that are built specifically to handle the harsh temperatures during winter months. Not only do you not have to worry about your system malfunctioning, but you can also utilize this as your annual preventive maintenance downtime. If you have an older chiller that is temperamental to temperature drops, your business will benefit from a seasonal rental from us.

By renting one of our winter chillers, you get our JCY Advantage that includes our exceptional, 24/7 customer support. Our chillers are user-friendly, and most problems can be solved over the phone. Renting is also a great way to see the manufacturing excellence in our products. Whatever your business requires, we can customize a rental to your specific needs.

An Option for the Future

If you are in the market for a new chiller, and you have had problems with your current system, we would like to chat with you. We know chillers, and we have years of experience manufacturing and remanufacturing chillers. If you’re on a budget, talk with us about our remanufactured chillers. Again, we will customize a chiller to your specific qualifications.

Why J.C. Younger is Your Best Option?

Expertise and Skill

First and foremost, we love what we do. With our experience that goes back to 1956, we have the education and experience to deliver the highest quality chillers. We realize that things happen, and we make it our business to keep your chillers working. We hold one master refrigeration license.

Exceptional Customer Service and Parts

We pride ourselves from the parts we use to the customer service we deliver. No job is too small or too big. It is our commitment to every customer that everyone gets quality products and service.

Financing Options

We have partnered with leading financial organizations. We proudly offer great financing options to our customers even when Federal Government is shut down.

Highly-Skilled Network of Technicians

If you are wondering how we are able to take care of our customers all across the country. We know every inch of our chillers, and we make them user-friendly. Most problems can be handled over the phone. When we decide an issue needs on-hand, technical work, we have a network of technicians that we know our customers can depend to deliver reliable service.

Shipper Committed to Quality Delivery

We have a dedicated shipper who knows the importance of quick and safe deliveries. If a chiller should arrive with damage, we ask that you follow our process as noted under our FAQS page.

Our 24/7 Customer Support

We pride ourselves in keeping our chillers working. There is always someone to help you seven days per week.

Happy Holidays!

As 2018 comes to an end, we want to say how much we appreciate your business. We wish everyone a wonderful and happy holiday season. We are always here when you need us!


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